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BigBio Communications focuses on covering the developments of the constantly-growing life science industry, reaching stakeholders and influencers in biotech, medical devices, digital health and more every day. BigBioCommunications sites include Big3Bio, BioWeekSF and

What We're About

Online Media

From our websites to social media, we produce and share information about the latest therapies, innovators, events, and more in the life sciences.


Our award-winning daily newsletters cover the most important developments happening in life science's most important regions.

Life Sciences

We love life sciences -- the most exciting discoveries in the world are happening in this industry and we hope to foster its growth.

  • Media Specialists

    Our staff, consultants and partners have extensive backgrounds in communications, business, technology and healthcare. This mix enables us to provide unique perspectives via unique channels.

    Our research methods, newsletter products and more have helped us build a strong network and subscriber base.

    We leverage new media to help the growing life science industry connect and always be informed.

  • Community of Professionals

    BigBio Communications is a coalition of full-time workers, freelancers, consultants, interns, volunteers and more -- all providing his/her expertise to our properties and channels.

Take a look at our properties

  • Big3Bio

    Big3Bio provides complete coverage of the industry’s "Big 3" hubs with our daily newsletters (Big3Bio:Boston, Big3Bio:San Diego, and Big3Bio:SFBay), websites, social media and more.


    BioWeekSF is a premium website dedicated to optimizing the experience of attendees for JPM Week in San Francisco by providing exclusive discounts, news, consulting services, and more will be the "Year in Review" for all of the Big3Bio regions; it will include top news of the year, fundings, real estate statistics, and much more (December 2018)

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